Local Marketing for Small Businesses

Our combination of experience and expertise can help you bring your passion or vision into the digital world. 

Our Local Marketing Services

Whether you need a robust, dynamic website with jQuery-ish bells and whistles or just a clean, sleek, easy to use WordPress CMS … we’re your busy little bees. Local web design and development is one of our many passions, there’s nothing quite like the look of Christmas morning euphoria on a small business owner’s beaming face when they unwrap one of our custom internet

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Okay, not to toot our own horns (errr stingers?) but of all the things we do well, Digital Marketing might just be our tastiest offering. From Search Engine Optimization to Pay-Per-Click to Email Marketing, we’ve got you covered. SEO ( Search Engine Optimization) So you have a domain name and an awesome new website, the traffic should be pouring in … right?

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Did you know what’s still a thing? Direct mail campaigns, coupon clippers, local advertising, and good ol’ fashioned referral marketing. Admittedly, we LOVE online marketing, but we happen to have nearly 2 decades of offline marketing expertise too; working with both small businesses and major brands such as Unilever, Dannon and Heineken who, we promise, invested in more than just Google Adwords.

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Our Projects

Here are a few examples of recent projects for our satisfied clients

Client Testimonials

“I’ve been working with Drew from Bee Local Marketing for nearly 6 years, I’m very happy with our collaboration. The team is remarkably professional and delivers products to the highest standard as well as amazing results. I couldn’t recommend them more.”

“Since hiring Drew and Bee Local Marketing, I’ve seen an exponential increase in my business and client base. Drew is incredibly knowledgeable about website design/internet marketing and how to translate that knowledge into growing a business. He is an absolute professional, always available to answer questions, and a pleasure to work with.”