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our integrated marketing process

“Our progress, the realization of our dreams, and the quality of our life depend directly on the level of our commitment to the process.” - Jagyasi
First Step


The first step in any integrated marketing strategy is discovery. We leverage a unique series of intake processes that will challenge you to provide detailed information about your business. Then, we partner with key stakeholders to define objectives, set strategies and assign goals.

Second Step


After the discovery process is complete, we move on to planning, where the hard work really begins. We identify the right team members and start collaborating to create your unique plan, which can include everything from campaign direction and flighting to tactics and timing.

Third Step


Now that the boring stuff is behind us, now it’s time to get to the fun part…. creating. Our expert campaign specialists, graphic designers and web developers bring the plan to life by marrying objectives to creative direction and tactical strategy.

Fourth Step


With the discovery outputs in mind, a plan firmly in place and assets in hand, our platform experts starting executing; setting campaign guardrails, defining targeting and launching your business into the stratosphere.

Third Step


Oh, you didn’t think it ended there, did you? We don’t believe in “set and forget”, our campaign managers are all data analysts who are constantly optimizing; testing, tweaking, learning… making sure to squeeze every bit of efficiency out of each dollar spent.