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Website Design & Development

We turn your requirements and challenges into a custom web solution.
Website Design and Development

Need a website?

Whether you need a robust, dynamic website with jQuery-ish bells and whistles or just a clean, sleek, easy to use WordPress CMS … we’re your partner. Local web design and development is one of our many passions, there’s nothing quite like the look of Christmas morning euphoria on a small business owner’s beaming face when they unwrap one of our custom internet delights.

Platform Experience

  • WordPress
  • Woocommerce
  • Joomla!
  • OScommerce
  • Drupal
  • Custom HTML Sites

Programming Languages

  • C/C+/C++/C#
  • PHP
  • Java/JavaScript
  • XML
  • Ruby/Python
  • Angular/React

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Content Management System

Bee Local Marketing has standardized on the WordPress CMS platform to deliver the highest quality, most versatile and easiest to manage websites on the planet.


Search Engine Optimization

Optimizing page and code elements such as header tags, metas, and schema that tell Google’s crawlers what is the most important content on your website.


Online Store

Let us help get your online store up and running. We provide e-commerce solutions that are aimed to help your business grow. We create custom campaigns that will supercharge your online store and entice more customers.


Website Analysis

We analyze your website data and find ways increase your organic traffic. Our team will evaluate the consistency and accuracy of your page content, across many various browser.


Responsive Web Designs

It’s not only important to have websites look good on all browsers, but to ensure websites are viewable on tablets and mobile devices.

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