Unlock the power of local marketing support for your Hammer & Nails franchise. Gain access to our comprehensive services from tailored content creation to targeted execution for your shop.

New Shop Marketing

This integrated plan is designed to build interest beginning 4 months prior to shop opening, generate warm leads during the pre-sales period and grow new guests post-opening.

Brand Awareness Period

Begins 1 month prior to presales; CTA email capture

Pre-Sales Period

Begins 3-months prior to opening; CTA pre-sales sign up page and/or lead gen campaigns

Ongoing Marketing

Ongoing →

Continued campaign optimization

Streaming TV
Google Ads
Meta Ads

Awareness Marketing

(30 Days)

Objective: Raise Awareness; Pique Interest


/ One-Time

One-time $350 setup fee*

This program includes:

*Setup fee covers initial tagging, pixelization and account setup.

Pre-sales Marketing

(90 Days)

Objective: Presales; capture leads, promote Founding Memberships


/ per / mo.

One-time $350 setup fee*

This program includes:

*Setup fee covers initial tagging, pixelization and account setup. Fee is waived if you participate in the Awareness Marketing Strategy.

Ongoing Marketing

Objective: Capture new guests; convert to members


/ loc. / mo.

One-time $350 setup fee**

This program includes:

*No minimum term agreement, contract is month-to-month.


**Targeted Ads setup fee waived if you participate in the Awareness and/or Pre-sales Marketing Strategy and cover that initial setup fee.

Add-on H&N Marketing Options

Local Presence

The consistency of your location’s Google map listings and social media pages is crucial for Local SEO. We’ll optimize your socials and create a consistent digital presence for your local business.

Organic Social Media

The organic social add on includes a variety of branded content posted to your store’s Facebook & Instagram pages 3 to 4 times a week. Content is customized for shop’s status (pre/post opening)

Employment Ads

We place ads on META properties with platform-specific lead generation forms. The objective is to attract candidates, have them fill out a form selecting their desired position, and the lead is sent directly to the owner.

After connecting with Don Yurick (Westport H&N Owner & North East Regional FM) online in early 2023, we've developed a strong partnership, working together on local marketing.

Why Bee Local?

Simply put, we strive for RESULTS. Grounded in data, our campaigns are never “set it and forget it”. We are constantly testing, learning and optimizing based on the data we collect in real-time, from our world-class tagging and pixelization technology. Our campaigns are artfully crafted and measured to accommodate each phase of your shop’s journey, with customized conversion actions that AI driven ad delivery optimize to achieve. 


Our team has experience working directly for a franchise company and with hundreds of individual franchisees. Let’s work together to do BIG things for your business!


Check our References!

You can reach out to any of our current Hammer & Nails shop owners or the Corporate team and ask them about their experience with Bee Local. Just ask for our current client list.

Still Have Questions?

We know digital marketing can be overwhelming, if you have any questions we would happy to have a conversation.