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We’re a husband-wife team of marketing professionals with over 34 years of combined client and agency-side experience. With experience working for and on brands such as Cigna, Bayer Healthcare, Unilever, Edible Arrangements and Heineken USA, we’ve set out to leverage our past to help build our future. In 2018 we decided to help ourselves the same way we’re helping other small businesses in Connecticut; by tapping into our experience to create, develop and market our dream.


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Meet Murph, The Office Manager

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– Kelley at Bee Local

“Our mission is to help entrepreneurs realize their full potential by providing large enterprise caliber marketing consultation to local small businesses.”


What We Do

Website Design Services

Bringing a vision to life in the physical world is difficult enough, but translating an idea to the digital world can be just as daunting a task. We have the experience and skill set required to publish your passion online, working with you each step of the way.

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Digital Marketing

From confusing acronyms to foreign metrics and measurements digital marketing can be intimidating. Our experts will help market your vision while providing the clarity and peace of mind you need to  understand the benefit and results of each campaign.

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Offline Marketing

Did you know what’s still a thing? Direct mail, coupon clippers, local print advertising, and good ol’ fashioned referral marketing. Admittedly, we LOVE online marketing, but we happen to have nearly 2 decades of offline marketing expertise as well.

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Brand Marketing

Your brand resides in your customers, clients, and prospects. Strengthen your brand image and brand loyalty across all your marketing channel. How do you do this? By integrating your brand strategies through out your company and at every point of contact.

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Branding / Paid Social Marketing / SEM / SEO / Web Design
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We pride ourselves on “never turning off”, providing access around the clock. Call or email and while we typically respond within the next business hour, it’s not unusual to get a response in minutes, regardless of the day or time.

Who We Are

The Team

Founder | Chief Digital Officer

Drew S.

Co-Founder | Chief Executive Officer

Kelley S.

Digital Marketing Manager

Caitlin P.

Graphic Designer

Ly N.

Director of Business Development

Anthony P.

Lead Web Development

Bill L.